iPhone 6/6s Plus TPU Grip Case with Printed Insert – Black


Customization Instructions:

1. Click Add Design Elements (+ icon) to upload photos, text and artwork.

2. Click on an element to change its color, font, position, size, angle, etc.  Dark colors look best on light backgrounds, and vice versa.

3. Click Edit Layers (stack icon) to lock or delete layers. Drag and drop rows to re-order layers.

4. Use the toolbar icons to redo or undo changes, zoom in and out or reset the design.

5.  Use the drop-down menu to save your work, load a previous design or download a preview image.  Delete saved designs by clearing the browser cache.

6. When design is complete, click Add to Cart. If needed, you can reopen your design from the Checkout page.


This 2-piece case is matte black in color, and comes with a high quality composite insert containing the photo or design of your choice.  It is made of a flexible TPU material with precise cutouts for the mute switch, headphone jack, lightning port and speakers.  The power and volume buttons are covered for maximum protection.
The insert is interchangeable and has a white Chromaluxe finish, which results in high quality images similar to photographic paper.  It is made of a composite plastic material that will allow NFC/Apple Pay to work.  We only use name brand UV inks on our cases, which are highly resistant to scratches and abrasion.  By using an interchangeable insert, it is possible to swap out your photo or design later on by purchasing a new insert separately.

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